How to Drain and Fill a Wellis Hot Tub

Learning how to drain and fill a Wellis® hot tub may sound a tad daunting at first, but this vital part of seasonal maintenance is actually fairly simple. Let’s break it down into three easy-to-follow steps and get your spa back on track for another three to four months of spectacular spa soaking.

Are you ready to drain and fill a Wellis hot tub? Let’s get started!

Gathering your supplies is the first step in creating an easy drain and fill process. Once you have everything you need at your convenience, you can get started with showing your Wellis hot tub some seasonal TLC. You’ll need: 

  • A wet/dry vacuum
  • One bottle of Wellis Crystal Spa Cleaner 
  • One Wellis Crystal Charcoal Pre-Filter 
  • One Wellis Crystal Water Softener Pre-Filter
  • A garden hose

Step 1: Prep 

Before you start to drain and fill your Wellis hot tub, you’ll want to add one bottle of Wellis Crystal Spa Cleaner about 24 hours before you empty the hot tub. This will help debride the walls and jets of any dirt build-up or limescale. One you’ve let the cleaner work its magic, turn on your jets to the highest setting for 20 to 25 minutes. 

Step 2: Drain 

To drain your spa:

  • Remove the filter from its house
  • Pull out the draining spout
  • Once the spout is out, remove the cap by turning until loosened
  • Add the hose
  • Push the spout back into place about halfway once the hose is securely attached
  • Finally, rotate the hose until you see the water draining 

If you’d like to, now is a fantastic time to use your garden hose to give the shell and jet system a good spray down as the water is draining. After your hot tub is completely empty, simply remove the hose and close the draining spout. If you notice some lingering water at the bottom, you can use your wet/dry vacuum to help remove the water. You should also check your jet nozzles for any remaining water.  

Step 3: Fill 

Before filling your hot tub, double check that your spa is unplugged to avoid electrical hazards. Clean the filter cartridges and attach the Wellis Charcoal Pre-Filter to your garden hose. This will filter and prevent any traces of harmful substance from entering your hot tub as you add the water. You can also use about a gallon of water to rinse the cartridges themselves to remove any charcoal residue before starting.

Add the hose to your filter housing and begin filling up your hot tub. Once your spa is about one-third full, rinse the Wellis Crystal Water Softener Pre-Filter and attach it to the charcoal pre-filter. Continue to fill your hot tub and enjoy softer spa water free of iron, calcium, and magnesium. 

Final Touches

Don't be surprised if it takes two to three hours for your hot tub to refill completely. During this time, you can use test strips to check for any chemical imbalances. After your spa is filled, re-insert your filters and plug your hot tub back in. 

Your Wellis hot tub is now ready for another three to four months of relaxing soaks. If you have any questions about how to drain and fill a Wellis hot tub, contact us and a representative will get back to you promptly. Or locate your local Wellis dealer for expert advice and service for your spa.

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