Is a Hot Tub Cover Important?

Wellis hot tub cover

You couldn’t be more thrilled about bringing your new Wellis® hot tub home to stay. After a fantastic search, you’ve settled on just the right spa for you. But is a hot tub cover important, too? At Wellis USA, we couldn’t think more highly of a quality cover for your new spa. Here’s why.

Is a Hot Tub Cover Important for Protection?

You’ve made a fantastic choice in a leading luxury European spa model from Wellis. As such, you want to do everything in your power to protect and keep it looking like new. A hot tub cover is important because it's your best ally in protecting the top and interior of your spa, as well as your hot tub components.

We know you already love all of those jets set like little jewels in the shell of your spa. And that sleek shell with ergonomic seating is one of the things that attracted you to a Wellis spa in the first place. It would be quite a shame to have anything in your spa damaged by weather, falling limbs, pet claws, or anything else that may wreak havoc on your favorite backyard retreat.

Instead, keep it covered with a Thermo Cover from Wellis USA!

Is a Hot Tub Cover Important for Safety?

A quality hot tub cover is your last line of defense before something or someone enters your spa. In fact, a locking cover is so important that it is a safety requirement in most jurisdictions. Just like a fence is required for a swimming pool, a hot tub needs a lockable safety barrier to keep children, pets, and neighbors safe from entering your water without your knowledge. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your new favorite space is not only unbelievably relaxing, but it’s also guarded anytime you aren’t in it. Choose a Thermo Cover with your hot tub purchase to ensure that your hot tub is completely safe.

Is a Hot Tub Cover Important for Efficiency?

There’s no reason to break the bank when you are a hot tub owner. Who wants to run their hot tub heater all day, only to climb into subpar temperatures because there isn’t a cover to keep in the heat? A Thermo Cover offers the chance for you to keep that sultry heat right where it belongs – in your spa.

Did you know that several of our hot tub models feature the in.touch 2TM smart control system? Simply leave your hot tub cover on any time it is not in use. Then, when you are ready for a relaxing soak, gain access to your spa with your smartphone app. You can set the temperature right where you want it without lifting the cover of your spa. You’ll retain all that precious heat and be thrilled with the results when you are ready to climb in.

Keep Your Hot Tub Covered with Wellis USA

With Wellis USA, it’s easy to keep your hot tub covered! Ask your local independent dealer about an energy-efficient, protective, and ultra-safe spa cover. You’ll quickly answer the question “Is a hot tub cover important?” with a resounding YES!

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