Is a Hot Tub Hard to Maintain in Winter?

Is a Wellis® hot tub hard to maintain in winter? The short answer is no. There are certainly some considerations to take into account as those colder temperatures roll in, but we wouldn’t say that your hot tub maintenance is any more difficult than any other time of the year. 

So, let’s take a look at some of those hot tub maintenance considerations that can help you feel more confident when caring for your hot tub this winter season.

Maintain Hot Tub Temperature

By far, the most important aspect of caring for your hot tub in the winter is maintaining your hot tub’s water temperature to prevent freezing. And because it’s a hot tub, it’s actually really good at doing just that. 

If you’re planning on keeping your hot tub running and using it regularly through the winter, then you shouldn’t have to worry about doing much extra in order to keep the water temperature in an optimal range. 

You’ll also want to make it a priority to check your hot tub daily to make sure that the whole unit is working properly. If the heater in your hot tub happens to stop working during cold enough temperatures, then the water in your unit could freeze. 

The biggest concern would be if water froze in the piping system of your unit. That’s when damage can occur. 

Luckily, all of our Wellis USA hot tub models come with water temperature regulation and a smart winter mode to keep your Wellis hot tub protected through the cold temperatures. This feature ensures that your hot tub will maintain its set water temperature through the winter months, and that's not hard to maintain at all.

Keep Your Hot Tub Covered

As we continue to explore the question, “Is a hot tub hard to maintain in the winter,” there are some things you should do in order to keep your hot tub functioning well. You’ll definitely want to keep your hot tub covered because a cover can dramatically increase energy efficiency, especially in colder climates. It also helps minimize water evaporation and it keeps your water cleaner. 

In all actuality, you should be keeping your hot tub covered year-round, so there’s nothing extra or special about covering it in the winter.

And, once again, our Wellis cover options make that process simple and easy. With cover upgrades available like our Thermo Cover and Easy Cover Lifters, you can ensure that your hot tub is well covered every day of the year. 

Watch Water Levels and Chemical Balance

And finally, you’ll want to keep an eye on your hot tub’s water level and chemical balance. Just like you would any other time of the year, you should maintain the optimum water level for your particular Wellis USA hot tub model

Proper water level ensures that all of the components of the pump system work properly because they have enough water in the system. Water levels are especially important during the winter season since there is the possibility of freezing, and natural evaporation is still occurring even in lower temperatures.  

It’s also important to monitor and maintain your hot tub’s chemical balance. When the water stays balanced chemically, then the pump and filtration system can work optimally. Balanced water also means that you can take a soak whenever you’re ready. And that’s always a good thing. 

Is a Wellis USA Hot Tub Hard to Maintain in the Winter? Not at all! 

So, if you’ve been holding back on getting the hot tub of your dreams because you’re worried about maintenance, put those worries to rest. The answer to your question, "Is a hot tub hard to maintain in the winter?" is a resounding no. Hot tub maintenance in the winter requires intentionality, but it certainly isn’t hard, especially when you choose your best model from our three different lines of hot tubs at Wellis USA

Our hot tubs are designed to be a fully pleasurable experience from the day of purchase through every single soak, and that includes every season. 

So, if you’re finally ready to find the Wellis hot tub you’ve always wanted, find a dealer near you so you can experience the luxurious, relaxing waters of your very own European Wellis hot tub all winter long. 

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