Is There an App for Hot Tubs?

app for hot tubs

There’s an app for everything nowadays. From grocery shopping right from your phone to getting a Lyft or Uber ride from the airport through an app, convenience is just a click away from your smart device. But is there an app for hot tubs? Ahh – we are so glad you asked. With a luxury spa from Wellis®, your spa convenience is as easy as touchscreen app use. And it's just as incredible as you think.

Why Your Spa Needs an App

You are on the quest for the perfect hot tub. You long for a space with advanced hydrotherapy, comfortable seating, amazing amenities and features, and just the right water temperature. But you may have never considered a smart spa as an option. Are there benefits to a spa with app monitoring and control? Absolutely! 

Whether you are at work or school, away on vacation or an owner of a vacation home, or just want the convenience of remote monitoring, your Wellis spa with in.touch2TM capabilities is an unbelievably user-friendly ownership experience. Simply connect your in.touch2 system to your home’s WiFi. You’ll have access to everything you need wherever you are.

The Premier App for Hot Tubs: What can the in.touch2TM do?

But just what can the in.touch2 system do? Your intuitive, app-controlled spa will have the capability to:

  • Monitor the active state of your spa system
  • Adjust the temperature
  • Turn LED lighting on and off
  • Control filtration and heating 
  • Help you choose peak efficiency times for energy savings
  • Receive push notifications for system errors and updates, even when your app is not in use
  • And more…

Whether you have an Android or iOS system, you’ll have an in-touch2 app to use with your smart device.

An App for Hot Tubs is Easy to Use

The in.touch2 app is a simple, easy-to-use way to make the most of your hot tub ownership. Are you away on vacation? Check on your spa’s chemical levels and filtration schedule to make sure it stays in peak condition. 

Did guests just call to say they are coming through town and would like to stop and stay the night? Open your app and adjust your spa’s temperature so that it will be ready to use by the time they arrive.

Is the increase in energy costs impacting your bottom line? Check to see when non-peak hours are and schedule your spa’s filtration cycles accordingly. It can mean big savings for you each month.

Where Can I Get an App for Hot Tubs?

The question “Is there an app for hot tubs?” is quickly answered with a “Yes!” from Wellis USA. Your premier European spa can be remotely monitored and controlled from wherever you are. To bring the best in hot tub accessibility home to stay, find your local Wellis dealer today. You’ll love the automated convenience that your smart-controlled spa will bring to your life. And with a beautiful space to call your own coupled with incredible hydrotherapy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t find your perfect Wellis spa sooner.

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