Meet the New Ultra Energy-Efficient LifeLine Hot Tub Models

If you’ve been waiting for a brand-new, state-of-the-art luxury hot tub option from the excellent Wellis® brand, then you’re in luck. We’re now introducing the new ultra energy-efficient LifeLine hot tub models. 

With an eye toward designing and building the most energy-efficient luxury hot tub model possible, our Wellis team brings you innovative design, style, and energy-efficient options in our new line of luxury spas. Let’s take a look at all the features and benefits of the new LifeLine collection from Wellis. 

Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing Process

When we say that our new line of Wellis Spas is environmentally friendly, we mean that from production to installation to your everyday enjoyment. When Wellis was looking to launch an environmentally friendly luxury hot tub line, we wanted to include every part of the process. And that includes the production process. 

You can be assured that the manufacturing process for our LifeLine Hot Tub models meets the highest standards for both sustainability and environmentally conscious practices. 

Exactly How Energy Efficient Are the New LifeLine Hot Tub Models?

If you’re looking to understand just how energy efficient the new LifeLine Collection from Wellis is, you’ll need to understand what the expected energy consumption is for a standard hot tub. On average, you can expect a standard hot tub to use around 3.5 to 6.0 kWh per day, depending on usage and outdoor temperature. 

When it comes to the new ultra energy-efficient LifeLine Collection, you can expect your energy usage to be around 2.7 to 3.2 kWh per day, depending on the model you choose and your usage habits. 

That’s a significant difference, and you’ll be able to see those differences in your energy usage over time. 

What Features Can You Expect on the New LifeLine Collection?

When it comes to features, our Wellis design team has brought the most impressive features in terms of luxury hot tub elements. Some of the new features you can expect include new Scandinavian insulation that adds to the overall energy-efficient hot tub design and the new housing for the filter system. 

New flat fountain jets double as cup holders with built-in illumination for added form and function. 

And new lighting systems for the corners, the cabinet systems, and the jets add to the overall layout. The whole hot tub has a sleek, modern design that is beautiful and functional. 

What About the Cleaning Systems?

Even the cleaning systems in the new LifeLine collection are designed with performance, ease of use, and, of course, energy efficiency in mind.

Each model comes equipped with the newly designed Ozmix™ System which eliminates more bacteria because it utilizes an ozone mixing chamber in the disinfection process.

Additionally, the LifeLine Collection boasts the new Crystal Clean System that utilizes circulation jets to stir up debris that would otherwise collect at the bottom of your hot tub.

With the brand-new, energy-efficient line from Wellis, you can expect improvements in almost every single area. 

Get the Energy-Efficient Hot Tub of Your Dreams from Wellis

Now that the waiting for an energy-efficient luxury hot tub is over, it’s time to start looking for the perfect model for you. It’s time to contact our Wellis USA team to get all of the information you need. With Wellis and our brand-new ultra energy-efficient LifeLine spas, you can have all you want in a hot tub and more. 

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