Protect Your Heart with a Hot Tub

Did you know you can protect your heart with a hot tub? You may find yourself wondering if there are any practical benefits to owning a Wellis Spa®, and the answer to that would be a resounding yes! One of the best hot tub health benefits is its ability to help keep your heart healthy. 

So, in the interest of being heart healthy, let’s take a deep dive into some of the hot tub health benefits you can expect for your heart when you invest in your very own luxury European Wellis hot tub. 

Reduced Stress and Live Longer

The impact of stress on our bodies is fairly well studied, and most scientists agree that chronic stress can actually shorten your lifespan. And we don’t know about you, but we think it’s pretty bad for your heart to live a shorter lifespan. 

Luckily, the stress-reducing benefits of hot tubs have also been pretty well studied. And it’s good news. A short soak in your hot tub on a regular basis -- think once a day for about 15 minutes -- can help reduce stress and protect your heart.  

So, power up the MyMusicTM audio system on your Wellis hot tub to really sit back and enjoy your daily soak, because it’s heart healthy and oh, so good for you.

Increase Circulation, Stay Heart Healthy

Another one of the amazing hot tub health benefits that can keep your heart healthy and protect your heart is increased circulation. The warm temperatures and weightless feeling you get when you’re submerged in the water can contribute to lower blood pressure and increased overall circulation.

When your circulation is increased, then every part of your body is getting more blood and more blood oxygen, including your heart. From your head to your toes, your body is getting exactly what it needs: heart-healthy, oxygenated blood. And that can help the healing and relaxation efforts of your body. 

So, you can expect faster overall healing and boosted immunity. 

Protect Your Emotional Heart, Too

And if you’re also concerned about your emotional heart (not just your physical one), then a Wellis Spa can help protect that, too. If you’re looking for love, your Wellis hot tub can be the perfect spot for your next date night. And your date just might fall in love with you and vice versa in the romantic waters of your spa -- especially with the right mood music and lighting. 

If you’re dealing with a recent breakup, your Wellis hot tub is the perfect place to give your heart plenty of room to process and heal. Listen to your favorite break-up songs, cry (because no one can tell), and use that increased circulation to feel again. Your heart will be ready to love again someday, and that’s just one more hot tub health benefit to keep your heart healthy. 

Protect Your Heart with a Wellis Hot Tub

So, just in case you thought hot tub health benefits were a myth, we’re glad you’re here to set the record straight. There are actually quite a few heart-healthy benefits for both your physical and emotional heart. If you have any heart conditions, we do recommend checking with your doctor before soaking, just to be safe. All you need now is your very own Wellis Spa! Find a dealer near you to protect your heart and reap all the benefits of hot tub ownership today.

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