Set the Mood in Your Hot Tub with LED Lights

You’ve heard all about how your Wellis® USA hot tub can be the perfect date night destination, but have you considered how to set the mood in your hot tub with the LED lights? It’s a simple and easy way to make sure that you and that special someone have the right idea when it comes to your hot tub date night. 

With the right tunes, the right location, and the right lighting, you’ll be sure to have the perfect date in your Wellis Spa. 

Learn Your Wellis Hot Tub LED Lighting System

First of all, it’s a good idea to get to know the LED lighting system on your Wellis hot tub before your planned date night. The right lighting can easily set the right mood, but fumbling around in the dark trying to learn the system is an excellent way to kill that mood. 

Luckily, all of our Wellis hot tub models come with user-friendly control panels, and many of our models come equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities and a smartphone app for easy control. Your best bet is to simply get to know your system well before your date night. Play around with the controls and try out each color option to see what the LED lights can really do and which you personally prefer. 

Use Your LED Lights to Set the Mood

Once you’ve got the LED lights on your Wellis Spa figured out, then you’re ready to set the mood. As you may already know, different colored lighting can affect your mood differently, and it’s a little more complicated than just which colors you like or find pleasing.

There’s actually some science behind it. Although the study of color therapy is relatively new, there’s some evidence that certain colors can impact your mood. 

If you’re looking to energize the situation, red may be a good color to go with. If the mood your looking for is a little more relaxed, then blue light may help you achieve that goal. And if you want to relieve stress, try green. 

Rest assured, though, that no matter what mood you’re looking for, your Wellis hot tub, depending on the model, is going to have the lighting options you need. And you’ll absolutely be able to set the mood with your LED lights. 

It Doesn’t Have to Be That Kind of Mood

And, while we have focused on a date night kind of mood, that’s not the only kind of mood setting you can achieve with the LED lights in your Wellis Spa. You can achieve any kind of mood that your heart desires. 

If you’re throwing a themed party like a Halloween bash, try red. A Christmas theme could be red or green. And a pirate-dress-up-hot-tub night could have your Wellis hot tub blue like the deep sea or red like your pirate hat.

The possibilities are many and the hope is that the LED lights in your Wellis Spa will greatly enhance your hot tub experience no matter what mood you’re looking to set.   

Set the Mood in Your Own Wellis Hot Tub

So, are you ready to set the mood in your own Wellis Spa? Find a dealer near you, and you’ll be able to perfectly personalize the lighting and so many other features in your hot tub. Get started today. 

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