Staycation with a Swim Spa Every Day

Hopping on a jet to a tropical destination sounds like a grand idea. And you truly wouldn’t mind some time on a beach by the cool blue water this summer. But what you really desire is a space that feels like a vacation each and every day of the year. Why not build a staycation space right at home? With a Wellis® swim spa, you’ll have the retreat of your dreams. Here are some prime ways to staycation with a swim spa any time you want.

A Vacation Retreat for the Whole Family

Although a tropical beach vacation might capture your attention for a minute, there are limitations in time, finances, and even relationships that leave you longing for more. What you need is a space to gather with the whole family – one where the memories keep coming, the conversation keeps flowing, and the sense of togetherness is at an all-time high.

You can find each one of these benefits with the perfect SwimLine swim spa model from Wellis USA. With multiple options available, you can design an aquatic space in your yard for year-round use. A large swim area is ideal for a number of activities, including fitness, recreation, and relaxation. The water is able to be heated so that your swim season extends far past the use of a normal pool. 

Plan your family staycation by making some rules up front. Whether you have boundaries on electronics, want to grill out or order in, or even want to palace a screen and a projector in your backyard for the ultimate movie pool party, the sky’s the limit on ways you can enjoy your swim spa this year. Check out the Rio Grande W-Flow! With space to swim and space to relax in the comfort of jetted hydrotherapy, it’s all you could ever wish for in your premium staycation retreat.

Staycation with a Swim Spa: A Private Getaway for Two

Is a second honeymoon on your mind? You don’t have to travel to a far-off destination for a little one-on-one time. Set the stage for connecting each day with the one you love by whisking the love of your life away for some secret date nights together. Your Wellis swim spa can be a prime space to relax and connect in the privacy of your home. Whether you have planned times during the week for just the two of you, or you want some spontaneous dates after the kids go to bed, a swim spa is ideal for the romantic retreat you need.

Stunning amenities like in-spa speakers, LED chromotherapy lighting, and jetted hydrotherapy can help you build a retreat you’ve only dreamed of. And with beautiful, ergonomic seating, you’ll have an intimate space to converse and catch up. From moonlit swims to morning cups of coffee together, you’ll love each second that you can staycation with a swim spa in the comfort of your own backyard.

Find Your Next Vacation at Wellis USA

A European luxury swim spa is the best way to staycation with the ones you love. Not only will you adore the amenities and activities that a Wellis swim spa has to offer, you’ll also have a dedicated space to retreat whenever you want. You can feel good knowing that you’ve built a space for endless memories at home. And with Wellis USA, you’ll have a local dealer you can trust as you choose the swim spa that’s right for your needs. Find your nearest Wellis USA dealer today to get started on your new staycation destination!

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