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As you comb through all of the options for the perfect spa, there’s probably a long list of things you are looking for. You want the best hydrotherapy experience, a space of endless relaxation and renewal, and amenities that boost your incredible hot tub soaks over the top. But one last thing we know you are looking for is great online reviews. 

In the day of online reviews, it’s important to know just how other owners feel about their spa brand of choice. How do Wellis spas online reviews rank? We are so glad you asked! Come with us on your journey toward the perfect spa.

Why Do Online Reviews Matter?

The online reviews of today are like the word of mouth of yesteryear. In close communities in years past, people used to share their preferences for everything from hairdressers to butchers to builders. But in today’s digital universe, much of that sharing is done online. 

The truth is, online reviews give you a great taste in knowing what you can expect from your product or service in the future. And at Wellis USA, we are pleased to say that you’ll be getting an incredible hot tub with fantastic reviews and exceptional customer service when you choose a model from your local Wellis® dealer. Even though this luxury European brand is newer to the spa scene in America, Wellis spas online reviews offer glowing accolades on one of the most fun-to-own spas in the USA. Watch video testimonials and read reviews to help you make your best buying decision.

Wellis Spas Online Reviews are Great Worldwide

With a Wellis spa, you won’t just have reviews in America. You’ll have a slew of reviews worldwide to glean from. As the leading European luxury brand in the world, our hot tubs are designed for the ultimate enjoyment. We take pride in every spa that we make, and it shows. Featuring upgraded add-ons and amenities like smartphone wireless control, UV-C sanitation, powerful and efficient pumps, in-spa audio and so much more, you’ll love every second that you spend in your spectacular spa. Check out our beautiful spa models to find the one that's right for you!

Things to Consider When Reading Online Reviews

Every once in a while, you may encounter reviews that make you take a second look. However, there are a few things to watch for in these rare cases. First, was the review responded to in a professional and timely manner? 

At Wellis USA, we take reviews seriously, and we want each customer to be pleased as punch with their purchase. Next, was a not-so-glowing review given during the time of lockdown, when days were difficult and supplies hindered. Check the date of the review. Since Wellis hot tubs have good reviews overwhelmingly, it may give you some insight into something that was an extenuating circumstance.

Is it Time to Add Your Own Online Review?

Now’s the perfect time to try out a premier Wellis spa. With a network of dealers around the country, you can find your closest Wellis dealer by entering your zip code into our partner finder. Schedule your test soak and pick your perfect spa soon! You can add your own Wellis spas online review to let everyone know how much you adore owning your own little slice of heaven.

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