Wellis USA Can Help You Build the Best Backyard Oasis

Building a backyard retreat is not for the faint of heart. You want just the right amenities for your backyard paradise, with some snazzy upgrades that can make your recreational or relaxation time better than you ever imagined. Here’s how Wellis USA can help you build the best backyard oasis.

Choose Your Premier European Backyard Destination

The first step in building the best backyard oasis is picking the right amenities for your serene retreat. Do you yearn for a space of unending relaxation? One that can soothe aches and pains, massage away the cares of the day, and even provide a space to gather and converse with your family? Then a hot tub may be right for you.

Wellis® offers three series of incredible spas to support any lifestyle and budget. From our MyLine and CityLine spas to our luxury PeakLine series, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for when you think of premier hydrotherapy.

And what if you want a space to swim, splash, play and work out? Experiencing your own backyard gym and swimming pool in one of our incredible swim spas could be the highlight of your at-home time. With a powerful current, you can swim, row, use aquatic weights for resistance, or even utilize an underwater treadmill or Aquabike.

And when you want to relax, sit back in the comfort of jetted massage seats. You can use your swim spa year-round with controls that adjust the temperature of your water. And you can even get the best of both worlds in the magnificent Rio Grande W-Flow if you want both a hot tub and a swim spa all in one! Whatever model you choose, you’ll have an amazing space that enhances your backyard oasis.

Build the Best Backyard Oasis and Extend Your Home’s Square Footage

Did you know that when you build the best backyard, you can increase the usable space of your home and backyard? From backyard parties to everyday use, a hot tub or a swim spa from Wellis provides an attraction that is absolutely perfect.

Have the kids invite all their friends over for an afternoon splashing and playing in the swim spa. Grill out for the 4th of July as you watch your family enjoy swimming together. Or plan an epic date night with the one you love in your new hot tub. The ways that you can use your ideal spa are only limited by your imagination.

Discover the Ideal Backyard Oasis Today

Are you ready to get started on finding the perfect hot tub or swim spa for your new backyard retreat? Let Wellis help you build the best backyard oasis! Simply enter your zip code into our partner finder to locate your nearest independent Wellis dealer.

Then, schedule your appointment to see our sensational spas for yourself. Some dealers even have a wet test option that allows you to try out the different models and amenities before you buy! The transformational hydrotherapy of a Wellis hot tub or swim spa will be an addition to your life that you will love.

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