What Features Come Standard on a Luxury Spa?

You’ve searched the world over for the best in hot tub offerings, and now a luxury Wellis® spa is at the top of your list. You’ve made the BEST choice! So what features come standard on a luxury spa? We’re so glad you asked! At Wellis USA, you’ll find the epitome of luxury with these standard upgrades that put your hot tub ownership experience over the top.

Unmatched Hydrotherapy is Standard on a Luxury Spa

There’s something to be said about a space that truly offers the hydromassage you need to keep you feeling your best. With a Wellis luxury spa, you’ll have 240V dedicated electrical connectivity to power three powerful W-EC circulating pumps. These pumps offer the strength, cost-effective operation, and quiet ambiance you need for an excellent spa soak experience. And with an array of gorgeous jets set in each seat, you know that you are in store for hydrotherapy enjoyment beyond measure.

Upgraded Technology is Standard on a Luxury Spa

If technological upgrades are high on your list of things you want in the perfect spa, you’ll be pleased to know that these come standard on all Wellis luxury hot tubs. Our PeakLine Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, and Olympus hot tubs all come complete with:

  • The MyMusicTM 2.1 sound system: Wirelessly stream your favorite tunes, catch the big game, or relax with an audiobook during your soak.
  • Aromatherapy: Enjoy a spa soak enhanced with your favorite fragrances.
  • InTouch 2 smartphone controls: Control your spa remotely from anywhere in the world with a convenient hot tub app.
  • LED touchscreen: Beautiful touchscreen controls make in-spa adjustments easy.
  • LED lighting: Set the mood for your spa soak with lighting options you’ll love. Exterior corner, interior chromotherapy, and central LED lighting options are available on our different luxury models.

Stunning Water Features are Standard on a Luxury Spa

Whether your spa model features a waterfall or laminar jets, hearing the sound of your water feature can put you in the mood for total relaxation. Standard on our luxury spa models, your water features are a beautiful upgrade that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

Enhanced Sanitation is Standard on a Luxury Spa

When both energy savings and chemical savings are important, you will appreciate the UV-C sanitation system on each of your luxury spa model choices. The UV light treats your hot tub water several times a day, allowing you to use fewer chemicals while still enjoying clean, clear water that is perfectly sanitized. Chemical costs will be at a minimum – meaning less time balancing your water and much more time enjoying it!

Choose Your Wellis USA Luxury Spa Today

There is nothing in the world like the benefits of luxury hot tub ownership. Get started today by locating your local Wellis dealer. You’ll be able to check out all of the standard upgrades that make a Wellis PeakLine Series spa so unbelievably incredible. Soon, you can be enjoying the advanced hydrotherapy, fantastic technology, stunning water features, and easy maintenance that only a beautiful new Wellis luxury spa can bring.

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