What is a Smart Hot Tub?

You long for the convenience of a hot tub that is as powerful and beautiful as it is easy to use. What you need is a smart hot tub! And with Wellis USA, we have just the options to suit your personal needs. With touchscreen convenience right from your smart device, you can monitor and control all the details of your perfect spa. But what exactly is a smart hot tub? Let us be the first to show you the transformational spas that are sure to delight.

A Smart Hot Tub Has Remote Monitoring

A smart spa with in.touch2TM is equipped with a wireless connection that works with your home’s WiFi router. Two perfectly paired transmitters are included with your smart hot tub monitoring system purchase. The first is pre-installed inside your spa system – you don’t have to do a thing. The second connects to your home’s wireless modem with a simple cord. Since the two units are pre-programmed, all you have to do is download the app and connect your spa. It’s that easy!. 

When you download the in.touch2TM app to your smartphone or tablet, your smart device automatically becomes a remote control for your spa. From temperature settings to water care monitoring, you’ll adore just how easy it is to control and maintain your spa. Let’s take a peek at some of the things you can do.

Achieve Your Perfect Temperature with a Smart Hot Tub

It’s been a long day at work. All you want to do is climb into your sultry spa and let the jets and hot water massage away your stress. However, you just realized that your temperature settings are in economy mode. There’s no way that your spa will be heated to your perfect temperature when you get home. 

But wait! With the in.touch2TM app, you have remote control of your spa temperature whenever you want. Bump up the water to your favorite temperature. Your incredible Wellis® smart spa will be ready and waiting for you as soon as you pull in the driveway.

Light the Night with a Smart Hot Tub

You would like to surprise your love with a date night in. Grab your smartphone to turn on your hot tub lights and get your spa started. Then, lead your favorite person by the hand out to your hot tub for some quality time together. They will love the special attention, and you’ll love how convenient it is to light the night remotely.

Maximize Energy Efficiency with a Smart Hot Tub

As you lay your head down at the end of the day, maximize your hot tub’s efficiency by running filtration or economy modes during non-peak hours. You’ll appreciate all the savings that remote monitoring can bring.

All of these ideas and more are possible with a smart hot tub with incredible in.touch2TM technology. And with this fantastic upgrade to your amazing Wellis hot tub, you’ll have just the control you want with all of the convenience you need. Contact your local independent Wellis USA dealer today to get started on the most spectacular spa ownership experience around!

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