What Makes Wellis a Luxury Hot Tub Brand?

You’ve heard that Wellis® USA is a luxury hot tub brand, but what does that even mean? Why does it matter? These are excellent and valid questions, especially as you consider investing your hard-earned money into one. 

You deserve the best, and you want the best. And luxury is the best. So, let’s break down exactly what makes Wellis a luxury hot tub brand and why it matters so much. 

What Does Luxury Mean? 

The difference between luxury and entry-level hot tub models often has to do with the material construction and features that are offered on a particular model of a hot tub. All Wellis Hot Tub models are considered luxury hot tubs because our company prioritizes design materials, construction, and certain quality standards for our hot tubs. 

While Wellis USA does differentiate among our luxury hot tub lines, we would even consider our own entry-level line, MyLine hot tubs, to be luxury hot tub options for you and your family compared to many other hot tub brands. We never compromise on quality. 

Other hot tub brands may be comparatively inexpensive, but what you save in money on the front end of your hot tub purchase, you often compromise on longevity and functionality in the long term. 

It’s completely reasonable for a well-maintained hot tub from Wellis to last upwards of 15-20 years, assuming that the owner keeps up with preventative maintenance and proper water care. Even under the best circumstances, many other lower-quality hot tubs won’t last nearly as long. 

Before you even consider features and attributes, when it comes to luxury, construction and materials matter. 

Standard Luxury Hot Tub Brand Features for All Wellis Hot Tubs

Another aspect of luxury to consider when you’re looking for the perfect luxury hot tub model is the available features and add-ons. All Wellis Spa models come standard with an amazing jet system designed to offer incredible massages for each seat. 

Additionally, every model comes with exclusive color therapy lighting systems to enhance your hot tub soaking experience. And every model comes standard with polyfoam insulation to ensure that your luxury Wellis Spa maintains its temperature efficiently. 

With Wellis USA, these features are standard on every model, and that’s just not so for other hot tub brands. 

Premium Luxury Hot Tub Features from Wellis

So, when you decide to purchase any Wellis model, you can already be assured that your hot tub’s material construction and baseline features will be luxurious, especially compared to other hot tub brands. But if you’re looking for premium options, you can also rest assured that the Wellis brand has more options to offer you in terms of quality and luxury. 

Both our CityLine and our PeakLine collections offer even more features that can allow you to have a truly luxurious experience every time you step into your very own hot tub at home. Model options from both of these collections offer exceptional features like built-in Bluetooth speaker technology, Wi-Fi capabilities, and aromatherapy. 

This is not even to mention ergonomically designed seating options and increasingly impressive massage jet options for all of your relaxation needs. 

When it comes to luxury, you can be certain that the Wellis team has considered everything you need for an absolutely impeccable spa experience. 

The Wellis Luxury Hot Tub Investment

When you’re looking for a luxury experience, quality matters. The Wellis team is dedicated to ensuring that all of our hot tub owners are more than satisfied to be part of the Wellis family. And we want to encourage you become part of the Wellis family, too. If you’re ready to invest in a total luxury experience, there’s no time like the present. Contact one of our Wellis team members today to get all the information you need to find the perfect luxury hot tub model for you today.

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