What To Do if It Snows on Your Wellis Spa

It can be so relaxing to watch the snowflakes gently drift through the air as they fall from the sky… until you realize you've not considered what to do if it snows on your Wellis® spa. You find your Wellis USA spa is getting pounded by a full foot of snow, and you’re just not sure if that’s ok or not.

You can rest assured, it’s fine. Your Wellis USA spa is made tough for tough climates, but you may still want to be knowledgeable about what you can do if a major blizzard blows through. Here’s what to do if it snows on your Wellis spa. 

If It Snows on Your Wellis Spa, Take a Soak

First of all, we think the first thing you should absolutely do when it snows on your Wellis spa is to get outside and take advantage of that beautiful calm moment to really enhance your spa relaxation session. 

A relaxing soak in the noiseless atmosphere of a freshly fallen snow is an experience that’s second to none. 

There are some practical considerations here to make this snow spa soak a more enjoyable experience. 

Keep a snow shovel near your backdoor to ensure you can make it out to your spa. And then post another tool at your spa to remove snow from the cover. A broom is probably the best option because it’s firm enough to remove the snow without damaging your spa cover. Then you can experience one of the most enjoyable soaks of the season.

And speaking of your spa cover, that’s an important consideration if it snows on your Wellis spa. 

Keep your Wellis Hot Tub Covered Snow or No Snow

When it comes to snow, covering your Wellis hot tub needs to be a priority. In fact, unless your spa is in use, it’s best practice to keep your Wellis hot tub covered rain or shine, sleet or snow. 

Your hot tub cover protects your water’s chemical balance from excess evaporation and maintains heat which makes your system more energy efficient. A cover also protects your jets and other mechanical components from excess debris. Not to mention the snow factor. 

A cover for your Wellis hot tub is an excellent way to make sure that your hot tub stays ready for a soak even when it’s snowing outside. And, like we said, soaking in a hot tub during snow is an amazing experience. You want to make sure that cover keeps your hot tub hot and ready for your soak whenever you want. Keep your cover cleared off so that the weight of the snow does not cause your cover to buckle. Just a gentle sweep every so often can help keep your cover clear.

Invite Your Friend and Enjoy the Season

After you’ve made sure your Wellis spa is covered and you’ve enjoyed the first soak of the snow season, invite your friends and share the love. You and your whole crew can enjoy time well spent together in the luxury of your own spa. Winter is one of the most enjoyable seasons for hot tub soaking, so we encourage you to take full advantage of the cold weather and beautiful snow in your area. 

Find the Perfect Wellis Hot Tub for You

And if you’re still on the search for the perfect Wellis hot tub, find an excellent Wellis USA dealer near you. Our official dealers can help you find your perfect Wellis swim spa or spa model to fits all of your needs.

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