What’s the Best Location for My New Hot Tub?

You are thrilled with your decision to purchase a new Wellis spa. You’ve made a fantastic choice! But now you're asking, "What’s the best location for my new hot tub?" That may be a question that you are currently pondering. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the prime location for hot tub enjoyment.

The Right Foundation is the Best Location for My New Hot Tub

The best location for my new hot tub is an issue that takes some time and consideration. One of the first things you want to consider is the foundation for your beautiful new spa. Do you have an existing reinforced concrete patio or paver area that would be perfect for a hot tub installation? If so, that may be an easy choice.

If not, there’s no reason to worry. Your local Wellis USA dealer can help you choose the prime spot at home to locate your new hot tub. Whether you want to be tucked into a private corner of your yard that is shielded from the neighbors or you want a wide-open space for viewing the night sky, there’s no wrong place to put your stunning new retreat. You just need to make sure it is reinforced to hold the weight of your spa, the water, and the people inside of it. Other than that, the choice of location is up to you. 

The Best Location For My New Hot Tub Depends on Utilities

Another thing to consider is easy access to utilities. Although you can have utilities run to the far end of your property, most hot tub owners tend to have their spa installation closer to their home. One of the reasons for this is because of the electrical and water access needed for your new hot tub. Whether you have a 120V plug-and-play spa or a 240V special electrical connection, you’ll need access to electricity. The most efficient and economical way to do this is by having your hot tub installed where those utilities already exist.

Water is another utility you’ll need. From filling your hot tub for the first time to routine drain and fills, there will be multiple times a year you need access to water. Consider your utility usage when you are finalizing your location for your incredible new spa. 

Proximity Can Affect the Best Location for My New Hot Tub

Finally, proximity to your home can affect where you choose to place your new spa. There’s no reason to make spa entry hard. You may want some cozy proximity to your home for a number of reasons. First, easy access means easy use. You made an incredible investment. Now it’s time to enjoy it! Having your spa installed closer to your home means that going in and out of your spa is no hassle at all. And with other convenience accessories like an Easy Cover Lifter and WelliStep, your spa access can be almost effortless.

Take time to discover all of the ways that you can locate your spa by contacting your local Wellis USA dealer. Our exceptional partners around the country can help you with your unique needs. And when you bring home the leading European spa brand in the world, you’ll know that the best location for your new Wellis spa is wherever you’ll conveniently enjoy it the most.

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