What’s the difference in the Wellis Spa collections?

As you’re considering which spa will qualify as your personal dream spa, we’re glad your search has led you to the Wellis® Spa collections. You’re absolutely in the right place because Wellis spas are second to none.

But now you’re trying to differentiate between each collection. What’s the difference in the Wellis spa collections, anyway? We’re so glad you asked. Let’s break down each line of superior spas, so you can decide which dream spa you need in your life. 

What are the Wellis spa collections?

Here at Wellis USA, our spas are differentiated into four collections: CityLine, PeakLine, MyLine, and SwimLine. Each collection has unique qualities that will appeal to different individuals, and that’s precisely our intention. We want to provide the perfect spa for you. 

What’s unique about the CityLine spas?

The CityLine spa collection is designed with user comfort and relaxation in mind. These premium spas are perfect for a family and add an attractive addition to any backyard space. 

The seating is plentiful, and the jets and pumps are powerful, with both CityLine models boasting 40 jets. In a Wellis spa from our CityLine series, you can enjoy aromatherapy options and LED lighting. If you’re looking for premium quality and practicality, the CItyLine models from Wellis USA are a great choice. 

What’s exciting about MyLine spas?

The spas in the MyLine collection are designed to meet the dream spa requirements for just about everyone. With attention to exceptional quality and affordability, we’re confident you would be more than happy with a selection from the MyLine collection. 

Each of these models includes amazing jets and Ozone purification to ensure the best spa experience.

What’s more, this collection includes a plug-and-play model with a cozy, three-adult capacity all the way up to some larger models that can comfortably accommodate seven adults for your next backyard party. 

The MyLine collection has many options that will likely fit what you’re looking for, so this collection deserves some attention in your quest for the perfect hot tub. 

What’s great about the PeakLine spa collection?

And our final strictly spa collection is the PeakLine spa collection. The PeakLine collection is Wellis USA’s premium luxury spa lineup that has the most excellent features to fit your luxurious lifestyle. 

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line hot tub model that accommodates many people, then a PeakLine model will contain your perfect option. 

Each of these models seats at least six adults and boasts a minimum number of 64 jets, not to mention the SmartTouch control panel. Just as powerful as any of our other models, you can rest assured that everyone has a fantastic relaxation experience.

If a luxury experience with high-end features is your top priority, we recommend considering a model from the PeakLine collection. 

What’s in the SwimLine collection?

While we’ve wrapped up all of the Wellis spa collections that are only hot tubs, that brings us to our SwimLine collection. SwimLine is the Wellis collection of swim spas. And if you’re unfamiliar with a swim spa, it’s the best of both a pool and a spa. 

A swim spa is a product that combines the quality relaxation experience with the workout experience of a full-sized lap pool in a fraction of the space requirements. If you’re interested in a quality spa experience that can also provide the workout space of a full-sized pool, then a swim spa from our Wellis SwimLine collection is perfect. 

Find a Wellis spa near you! 

Are you in the market for your dream hot tub? We’re pretty confident that our Wellis USA team has a model that will fit your every need. Take some time to find an independent Wellis dealer near you and get started on the spa ownership experience of a lifetime.

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