Where are Wellis Hot Tubs Made?

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When searching for the perfect hot tub, your quest may lead you to many different models and brands. From big box store inflatable spas to traveling hot tub shows, you may start to wonder what spa is right for you. Look no further than the premier hot tubs from Wellis® USA. With the leading line of European spas in the world, you’ll find exactly what you’ve been looking for as well as more features than you even knew you needed. But where exactly are Wellis hot tubs made?

Wellis Hot Tubs Made in the Heart of Europe

Not surprisingly, the Europeans know a thing or two about hot water therapy. Since the middle ages, the world-renowned thermal springs of Europe have been a local tradition since the Roman Empire. In fact, with 1,300 thermal springs in Hungary alone, the headquarters of Wellis Spas is in Dabas, Hungary. The medicinal properties of hot water therapy are well known to support heart health, ease aches and pains, increase circulation, promote healing and establish and support relational connection. All of these wonderful attributes and so many more were included when Wellis designed the leading line of spas in the heart of Central Europe.

What Makes Wellis Spas So Special?

With centuries of hot water therapy experience, Europe is the leader in using warm water hydrotherapy to aid in the daily support of different kinds of ailments. In fact, the Hungarians believe so thoroughly in the medicinal properties of the mineral springs that it is included in their healthcare costs each year. 

But Wellis didn’t just start and stop with incredible hydrotherapy. They used it as the foundation for what would become an unmatched spa experience. Building on this fantastic feature, they added ergonomic seating, a wealth of powerful jets, technologically advanced features like Bluetooth® connectivity and audio capabilities, and an innovative water purification system. Chromotherapy lighting and aromatherapy options add to the ambiance, making your Wellis hot tub stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Sit back and relax as the jets soothe targeted areas with advanced hydrotherapy. In the warmth of the water, you’ll feel stress melt away, aches and pains recede, and your mind clear. Whether you start out the day with a cup of coffee and an invigorating soak or end the day enjoying the company of the ones you love, there’s nothing more impactful than your Wellis hot tub.

Where Can I Buy a Wellis Hot Tub?

Nowhere in the world will you find a better luxury hot tub experience than from the leading European spas found only at Wellis.

Stop by your nearest dealer or schedule your free test soak. We will set a time for you to experience your unmatched spas options for yourself. One of our expert customer care team members will be on hand to answer all of your questions and fit you in the spa that is perfect for your needs.

Call today to get started on your journey to the most enjoyable spa experience in the world. We can’t wait to show you how impactful a Wellis spa will be.

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