Where Can I Get Wellis Spa Accessories?

If you're the owner of a Wellis swim spa or hot tub, your neighbors aren't worried about, "keeping up with the Joneses" - they're worried about keeping up with you! Our luxury hot tub and swim spa products provide an unsurpassed level of luxury and esteem. What's more, there are Wellis spa accessories that make owning a swim spa or hot tub all the more gratifying.

So, are you ready to level up your luxury? In this article, we'll discuss where you can buy Wellis spa accessories and how to use our spa and hot tub dealer locator to find a swim spa and hot tub store near you!

We'll also give you the lowdown on our most popular customer upgrades and add-ons. Let's dive in!

Where Can I Get Wellis Spa Accessories?

Wellis Spa is one of the most well-known and highest-quality swim spa and hot tub manufacturers in the world. Our goal is to make our wellness products and luxury spa experiences accessible to everyone - no matter where you are or how you prefer to shop.

Across Europe and the United States, there are thousands of swim spa and hot tub stores where you can purchase Wellis spa accessories. You can also purchase our collection of spa accessories on this website! Check out how to find Wellis spa accessories, buy swim spas for sale, or browse our hot tub stores in person.

Option 1: Find a Swim Spa & Hot Tub Store

There's something special about visiting a swim spa and hot tub store. Perhaps it's simply the promise of relief or actually being able to test out products on the spot while imagining the fun nights ahead. No matter your reason for wanting to visit a spa and hot tub store in person, we get it.

We understand the desire to see and feel a product in person before making a decision. That's why we've carefully selected swim spa and hot tub dealers throughout the United States to provide Wellis Spa accessories, swim spas, and hot tubs for sale at their stores. All you need to do is use our spa and hot tub dealer locator to find a spa and hot tub store near you.

Using the Swim Spa & Hot Tub Dealer Locator

Visit the dealer locator page to use the search tool. Type in your full street address or your state, city, or zip code to view the list of our swim spa and hot tub dealers near you. For the full list of our Wellis Spa and hot tub stores across the United States, visit the dealer sitemap.

Option 2: Shop Wellis Spa Online

From shopping for the spa to soaking in the spa, we aim to make your purchase process as easy as possible. That's why you can browse and buy Wellis Spa accessories, swim spas for sale, and hot tubs for sale - all online.

No need to find a store! Simply select your preferred product and either make an appointment to speak with one of our friendly sales representatives, or make your purchase online. We'll ship your new swim spa or hot tub directly to you!

Consumer Picks: Best Wellis Spa Accessories

Ready to enhance your swim spa or hot tub ownership experience? With these popular Wellis spa accessories, you can make owning your spa even more luxurious. From hot tub covers and hot tub cover lifts to water analysis systems and protective bags, Wellis is here to make sure that spa ownership is as hands-off and hassle-free as possible.

Wellis Spa Steps

One of the most popular Wellis spa accessories is spa steps. Spa steps provide additional safety and comfort when entering and exiting your spa. We offer two types of spa steps: the Wellis Spa Steps with Handrail and the WelliStep Spa Steps.

Picture of Wellis Spa steps with handrail.

Floating Sanitizing System

The FROG @ease Floating Sanitizing System is the epitome of working smarter, not harder. It combines our sanitizing minerals with SmartChlor® Technology that efficiently and effectively kills bacteria. This system shocks just once a month and uses up to 75% less chlorine than a standard device. The result is Fresh Mineral Water® that’s silky soft and doesn't smell like burning chlorine.

Wellis Spa accessories - FROG @ease sanitizing system

There's no mixing chemicals or constant monitoring since it's self-regulating - it even knows when more sanitizing power is needed and automatically dispenses it.

Wellis Spa Cover

One must-have accessory is a swim spa or hot tub cover. Wellis manufactures each cover to be perfectly compatible with your spa selection.

Not only is your cover custom designed to the exact specifications of your spa model, but it also offers the highest quality goods and insulation to trap the heat right where it needs to be. With a buffer and vapor seal, as well as a marine-grade vinyl material, your cover is made not only to protect your hot tub but also to add to your spa’s efficiency, minimizing heat loss and water evaporation.

wellis spa accessories cover and lifter

Wellis Cover Lift

While it helps keep your spa safe and clean, a cover can be difficult to maneuver and rather heavy. That's why Wellis spa accessories include an easy cover lift. The Universal Cover Lift is just the right accessory to simply and effectively glide your hot tub cover on and off. With side mount compatibility, your hot tub needs minimal clearance.

Featuring powder-coated durability and anti-slip hand grips, you can rotate your cover into a protective privacy shield from neighbors. It will also keep your cover protected and off the ground. Then when you are done, simply use the Universal Cover Lift to glide your cover back in place and securely lock it. It couldn’t be more simple!

Wellis Spa Bag

The Wellis Spa Bag is a great way to fully enclose your hot tub for ultimate protection. Whether spring pollen is in the air, you are away on vacation, or the dry dust of summer is blowing, a spa bag is a great way to avoid having to clean your spa’s exterior often. It also minimizes UV exposure and protects your spa cabinet and cover.

Want some extra savings in the winter, too? A spa bag also adds another layer of insulation to your already incredible hot tub cover and shell. Enjoy reduced electrical costs and maximize savings with full spa bag coverage.

Shop Wellis Spa Accessories Today

Now you know just where to find all of these amazing Wellis Spa accessories. You can shop online or visit your local independent Wellis dealer to see which Wellis spa accessories they offer. From spa steps to in-spa trays, towel racks, spa coolers, and more, the sky’s the limit on accessories that can make your hot tub use so much more enjoyable. 

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