Who Owns Wellis Hot Tubs?

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A new hot tub brand is taking America by storm, and it’s no wonder why Wellis® spas are so incredibly popular. With innovation and luxury known to premier European hot tubs, Wellis is leading the pack in hydrotherapy. But who owns Wellis hot tubs?

The Perfect Pair Owns Wellis Hot Tubs

Meet Zsolt Czafik (Wellis® CEO) and Akos Czafik (Wellis® Managing Director), two brothers who have worked together to pave the way for their company to become the #1 manufacturer in Europe for hot tub hydrotherapy. Located in Hungary, Wellis has become a mainstay with over 1,600 employees and multiple manufacturing facilities.

But the climb to the top was not without bumps in the road. From economic crises in the early 2000s to equipment needs that were not easily obtained in Europe, the hurdles that the brothers navigated to become one of the leading hot tub manufacturers in the world are extraordinary.

A Modest Start

When you talk about who owns Wellis hot tubs, you may wonder how the brothers got their start in hydrotherapy. Living among the hundreds of natural hot springs in Hungary, taking advantage of thermal bathing is a local luxury – one that was made even more exciting as Zsolt backpacked across parts of Asia in the 1990s. Steam baths and hydromassage became known during Zsolt’s travels, making advanced hydrotherapy paired with luxury design intriguing. Coupled with the fact that the Czafik brothers were sons of a local bath store owner in Dabas, Hungary, it’s easy to see how impactful hydrotherapy caught their eye. 

Wellis hot tub manufacturing plant in Hungary

Unequaled Manufacturing

As the first hot tub manufacturers in Hungary, the company had to develop their manufacturing process from the ground up. The manufacturing of hot tubs was almost unknown, but quality control issues of ordering components from other companies drove the brothers to look for in-house solutions to their growing company. Today, the expansive company has not just one but two manufacturing plants to help meet the demand of the market for these incredible spas.

When you catch a glimpse of a Wellis facility, you’ll immediately be impressed with the vast manufacturing areas that the owners have built. But the outside doesn’t begin to equal what you’ll find inside. An automated production of Wellis spas offer superior quality control, technologically advanced features, robotic fabrication and highly trained employees. With a focus on customer satisfaction, you’ll know that owning a hot tub from Wellis will be one of the highlights of your life.

Our Factory in Ózd

We at Wellis are pleased to share this tour of our newest, state-of-the-art production facility in Ózd, Hungary. This new facility has helped Wellis become Europe's leading spa manufacturer due to its advanced automation technologies, allowing them to quadruple their spa production and sales and expand into the US market, even as the global pandemic slowed or halted other manufacturers.

The Ózd factory also allowed Wellis to keep quality at a paramount, even when many other manufacturers struggled to get materials and parts. Wellis continues to expand their US market, adding hot tub and spa dealers to their network, while becoming widely known and trusted among high-end American spa consumers.

The Spas of the Future

Wellis now leads the way for innovative hydrotherapy. Gaining international recognition and multiple awards, Wellis has a network of dealers found at over 500 locations worldwide. Join the growing ranks of people looking for the leading European hot tub on the market today. With a Wellis USA dealer, you’ll find one of the first to carry the premier line of Wellis spas in North America. 

Find your local dealer to schedule a test soak and see for yourself that a Wellis hot tub is the perfect fit for your needs. Your local Wellis USA independent dealer can set a private time for you to wet test the different spa models and ask any questions you have about incredible spa ownership. We look forward to helping you achieve the lifestyle you long for.

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