Why You Need a Hot Tub Cover Lifter

A hot tub cover lifter makes it easy to access your spa.
Using a hot tub cover lifter is the easiest way to access your hot tub.

You’ve taken all this time to find just the right hot tub, so you want to treat it right. A hot tub cover lifter is the answer! You know you’ll need exceptional water care chemicals and just the right accessories for the ultimate ownership experience. But have you thought about how to care for your cover? Here's why you need a hot tub cover lifter for your new Wellis® spa.

A Hot Tub Cover Lifter Offers Ease of Use

After you’ve invested the time and money into the leading European spa on the market today, it’s no wonder that you want to use it all the time. From morning soaks with a cup of coffee to evening stargazing with the one you love, each second in your spa can be magical. Make entering your spa easier than ever with an Easy Cover Lifter. With a flip and a glide, your cover will slide off the top of your spa, letting you enter with ease.

Enjoy a cover lifter that takes the burden off removing your hot tub cover. With the Easy Cover Lifter, there’s no more cumbersome or awkward maneuvering to move your hot tub cover off the top of your spa. All it takes is a little movement to glide your cover right into position.

A Hot Tub Cover Lifter Offers Protection

You want your hot tub secured whenever it’s not in use. A hot tub cover that is treated well offers all sorts of amazing protection. What you need is a hot tub cover that correctly closes, seals in the heat, and has locks or buckles that are in prime condition. You’ll spend less on water and chemical loss due to evaporation. Plus, you’ll know that your family is protected at all times with a locking cover. But what if your cover is on the ground, getting scraped by concrete and stepped on by people moving around your hot tub. That’s a dangerous situation for both you and your spa. It can break the foam inside, rip the cover, and even break the locking security buckles. What you need is a cover lifter to get your cover up off the ground and protected. A lifter will hold your cover in place, so you’ll never have to worry about damage again.

A Hot Tub Cover Lifter Offers Privacy

If you want some extra privacy during your steamy hot tub soaks, a cover lifter that raises your cover into a privacy screen is ideal! The Easy Cover Lifter offers the option to hold your cover upright, giving a shield between your hot tub and neighbors or a busy street. It’s a fantastic, easy option to add a bit more privacy to your favorite time of day.

Your Wellis USA Dealer Has the Right Hot Tub Cover Lifter Options for You

When you want the best hot tub cover lifter option for your Wellis spa, there’s nothing better than the Easy Cover Lifter form your local independent Wellis USA dealer. Easy to install and oh, so easy to use, you’ll appreciate all of the added benefits that a quality cover lifter brings to your spa experience. For more information, locate your closest Wellis dealer today!

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