Work out at home in your own pool!

Work out at home in your own pool

Work out at home in your own pool!

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise we can choose. Not only does it work all muscles, but it's also great for the respiratory system. Many people choose this form of exercise as part of their daily workout, and thanks to Wellis' excellent products, now we can have this experience in the comfort of our own homes!

Ideal for those engaged in sedentary work

Office workers often complain of back and lower back pain. Both freestyle or backstroke can easily put an end to these complaints, since muscles are not under as much strain in a pool of water as they are on a running track or during a bodyweight workout. Most people think it's less strenuous to swim 10 lengths in the pool than to run a similar distance, even though swimming is an endurance sport just like running or cycling. Swimming can have a positive effect on the whole body: it improves blood flow to cells and makes it easier for them to get the oxygen they need.

The right technique is important

Anyone thinking that they can just jump into the pool and start swimming is completely wrong. Some are naturals at swimming, too – but proper technique, well-paced breathing, leg position and arm strokes are very important. If you are really serious about taking care of your body, it's worth asking a coach or a mentor for help.

How can the W-flow counterflow system help?

Wellis' swimspas are equipped with a special counter-flow system which contributes to a proper workout with 5 pre-programmed and 3 personalised swimming workout programmes. Our W-Flow pools use the state-of-the-art Gecko swim spa software, which automates this process and turns our pool into a professional exercise machine. The flow direction is parallel to the pool's centre line for the entire length of the pool, increasing swimming stability. Wellis offers a total of three counter-current pools; these are as follows, in size order: Danube, Amazonas and Rio Grande. Each model is available in a semi-submerged version, so they can easily be installed in the yard without a concrete base. Unlike other swimming pools, swimspas can be used in winter; they do not require much preparation for installation and have lower maintenance costs – for example they use much less water than traditional pools.

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