Wellis Hot Tubs for Sale

Wellis Luxury Hot Tubs for Sale

Experience the total relaxation of a Wellis hot tub.

Wellness is Wellis Hot Tubs

Wellis Is Wellness

At Wellis, wellness is the heart of our brand. We pride ourselves on creating energy-efficient, luxury hot tubs that foster healing and inspire connection. Whether your reason for buying a hot tub is to build better relationships in a relaxing environment, or to experience the total body transformation that comes with hydrotherapy, we are here to help you enhance your home – and your life.

Our website offers two ways to purchase a Wellis hot tub:

Wellis Hot Tubs for Sale

Made from premium materials and equipped with cutting-edge technical innovations, Wellis represents the leading luxury hot tubs for sale in the USA. From aromatherapy and soothing light features, to massage hydrotherapy and an exceptional audio system, our hot tubs are truly a centerpiece for relaxation and conversation.


CityLine Hot Tubs

Our CityLine series is the perfect choice for customers looking for the proper balance between value for money and premium quality. Our compact models with their unique equipment ensure an unforgettable wellness experience for any family.


PeakLine Hot Tubs

Our PeakLine series includes our finest premium models. In addition to a full line of accessories, modern design and novel style, their extra functions and unique solutions make them the outstanding models bearing the Wellis brand.


MyLine Hot Tubs

Our MyLine series represents the Wellis brand entry category: excellent prices, a user-friendly experience, and a stylish and well-composed look. With more than five different models, we strive to meet all customers’ needs.



We developed them as the greenest hot tubs in the world, their energy consumption surpasses all our results and market measurements!

Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

Wellis Hot Tub Energy Efficiency

Wellis produces some of the most energy-efficient hot tubs on the market. A patented combination of streamlined features helps reduce the average cost to run a hot tub. While each model varies based on size and number of jets, Wellis engineers have found ways to make our hot tubs more energy efficient than ever.

  • Scandinavian Insulation: an air chamber in the hot tub floor plan helps regulate temperature naturally and reducing strain on heating and cooling systems.
  • LED Lighting: our hot tubs use energy-efficient LED lights which consume 50-90% less energy than other types of bulbs.
  • Smart Control System: many of our hot tubs for sale can be controlled on a smartphone, which enables users to control temperature, jets, and runtime.
Wellis Hot Tub Quality

Wellis Hot Tub Quality

At Wellis we pride ourselves on making premium wellness products that are built to last. That’s why we’ve designed a unique 6.3 mm thick polyurethane-reinforced acrylic material from Plascolite and Aristech (USA) to create a durable hot tub body. To ensure technical proficiency and reliability, we work with the Gecko Alliance Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of swim spa pumps and control systems.

Why Buy a Hot Tub

Improve Sleep

Studies show that hot tub use before bed can improve the quality of sleep due to the rise and drop in body temperature.

Relieve Stress

By promoting total body relaxation, hot tubs are known to ease tension and aid in daily stress relief.

Reduce Pain

The combination of warm water and jet massage helps manage back pain, joint strain, and arthritis.

Relax Muscles

Higher temperature water and jet massage, or hydrotherapy, can help with sore muscles after exercise or strain.

Wellis Hot Tubs Colorado

Wellis Hot Tub Dealer Services

There are Wellis hot tub dealers located throughout the United States. While you can visit one of our Wellis partners and purchase one of our hot tubs for sale from a hot tub dealer near you, each of those hot tub stores is owned and operated independently of Wellis Spa. That said, each Wellis hot tub dealer offers services based on that particular location.

You may use our hot tub store locator to find a Wellis hot tub dealer near you. If you’re having issues, we welcome you to contact us directly using our error reporting form. Once your issue is received, we will locate a Wellis hot tub dealer near you or find resources specific to your problem. Please note that the hot tub store locator is typically the most efficient path to acquiring the help and services you need.

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