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Wellis Is Wellness

At Wellis, health and wellness is our mission. We pride ourselves on providing energy-efficient swim spas and exercise spas that empower you to challenge your body and relax your mind. Whether your reason for buying a swim spa is to lose weight and tone your muscles through low impact workouts, or to bask in a one-of-a-kind luxury relaxation experience, we are here to help you enhance your home – and your life.

Our website offers two ways to purchase a Wellis swim spa:

SwimLine Swim Spas

Our SwimLine series combines a perfect workout program and a joyful massage experience with minimal space requirements. Thanks to the counter-current system developed by Wellis, you can enjoy the sensation of relaxing in a swimming pool, getting a premier workout, and taking care of your body and soul in the comfort of your home.

Hot Tubs vs. Swim Spas

Hot Tubs vs. Swim Spas

While some similarities overlap, it’s important to understand the difference between a hot tub and a swim spa. Knowing this will help you decide which product is right for you!

Swim spas offer many of the same benefits as hot tubs, but they have the unique bonus of size and versatility. Swim spas are much larger than hot tubs so that they can accommodate exercise and swimming – hence the name. Built-in swim jets create a current that you can swim against for exercises like stationary laps or water aerobics.

Like hot tubs, swim spas have seats and massage jets. However, swim spas typically have fewer seats and more room to swim, which also means more capacity for friends and family. Swim spas are much more than a place to relax – they’re a place to exercise and socialize.

Why Buy a Swim Spa

Improve Circulation

Studies show that regular use of swim spas can improve cardiovascular health and full body circulation.

Relieve Stress

Low-impact exercise produces endorphins that aid in daily stress relief and stress management.

Pain Relief

Warm water and hydrotherapy help reduce tension while managing back pain, joint strain, and arthritis.

Relax Muscles

Higher temperature water and jet massage, or hydromassage, can help with swollen or sore muscles after exercise.

How to Use an Exercise Spa

Swim spas, or exercise spas, offer the best of both worlds: full body relaxation through hydromassage and hydrotherapy, or challenging fitness routines that improve cardio while toning muscles. If you’re looking for an efficient way to exercise at home, a swim spa is a great option. Exercise spas promote low-impact movements that are easy on joints while providing a full body workout. While there are many ways to use an exercise spa, some of the most popular swim spa exercises including swimming laps, water aerobics, and aqua jogging. After you complete your workout, you can use the swim spa’s built in seating to relax and reward yourself with a hydromassage for quick muscle recovery.

Energey Efficient Swim Spa for Sale

Wellis Hot Tub Energy Efficiency

Wellis produces some of the most energy-efficient swim spas on the market. A patented combination of streamlined features helps reduce energy consumption. While each model varies based on swim spa size and number of jets, our engineers have found ways to make our swim spas more energy efficient than ever.

  • Scandinavian Insulation: this option includes an air chamber in the swim spa floor plan that helps regulate temperature naturally and reduces strain on the heating and cooling systems.
  • LED Lighting: our energy-efficient swim spas use LED lights which typically consume 50-90% less energy than other types of bulbs.
  • Smart Control System: our swim spas can be controlled remotely, which enables users to control temperature and jets remotely.
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Wellis Swim Spa Quality

At Wellis we pride ourselves on making premium wellness products that are built to last. We’ve designed a unique 6.3 mm thick polyurethane-reinforced acrylic material from Plascolite and Aristech (USA) to create a durable hot tub body. To ensure continued reliability, we work with the Gecko Alliance Group, a globally trusted source and the world’s leading manufacturer of swim spa pumps and control systems.

We also provide a ten-year warranty on the shell, seven years on the acrylic surface, and three years on the electronics and pump.

Wellis New England

Wellis Swim Spa Dealer Services

There are Wellis swim spa dealers located throughout the United States. While you can visit one of our Wellis partners and purchase one of our swim spas for sale from a swim spa dealer near you, each of those swim spa stores is owned and operated independently of Wellis Spa. That said, each Wellis swim spa dealer offers services based on that particular location.

You may use our swim spa store locator to find a Wellis swim spa dealer near you. If you’re having issues, we welcome you to contact us directly using our error reporting form. Once your issue is received, we will locate a Wellis swim spa dealer near you or find resources specific to your problem. Please note that the swim spa store locator is typically the most efficient path to acquiring the help and services you need.

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