Are Wellis Hot Tubs Energy-Efficient?

wellis hot tub energy-efficient insulation

You’re on a quest for the most spectacular energy-efficient spa experience at home, and you have your eye on a beautiful Wellis® hot tub. You’ve searched high and low for the most comfortable and superior spa experience on the market today. And now you have one remaining question: Are Wellis hot tubs energy-efficient? With all of the insulation options at Wellis, you are in for a huge treat.

Energy-Efficient POLI-MAX™ Reinforcement

Let’s take a look at all of the wonderful features of Wellis spa construction, starting out with incredible POLI-MAXTM reinforcement. Wellis didn’t skimp when it came to designing the perfect hot tub. Your Wellis spa shell is treated in three layers: an acrylic layer shell covered with both a polymer and polyurethane layer to add sound and thermal insulation. Not only is your hot tub shell strong, but it also features thermal conductivity – the first step to keeping your water’s heat right where it should be.

Energy-Efficient POLYFOAM™ Insulation

Next, check out the superior POLYFOAM™ insulation of all of your Wellis spa choices. Most manufacturers rely on single-layer spray foam to insulate their spas. But the designers at Wellis had a better idea. Each Wellis hot tub has a triple layer of reflective polyfoam insulation that takes the heat of your pumps and heaters and transfers it to the shell. With this unique insulation option, your pocketbook will love the fantastic energy efficiency of your sensational Wellis hot tub selection.

Energy-Efficient Base

Should we keep on going? One of the most amazing things you’ll find about your Wellis spa is an insulated base. Most brands of spas lose heat through the ground, since the hot tub base is not usually insulated. However, with a Wellis spa, your reflective barrier of insulation wraps all the way around your floor base to ensure that heat is not lost into the ground. How incredible is that?

Energy-Efficient Hot Tub Cover

With an insulated base, it only makes sense that your spa needs an insulated cover. Your Wellis hot tub cover traps in the heat, ensuring a warm, comfortable retreat. Sink back into the relaxation of advanced hydrotherapy in your choice of Wellis spa. With insulation on all sides of your spa shell, you’ll find an energy-efficient experience like no other.

Energy-Efficient Hot Tub Controls

Want even more energy-efficient savings? Add the in.touch 2™ wireless smartphone capabilities to your Wellis hot tub model. The in.touch 2™ allows you to control your hot tub right from your smart device, maximizing efficiency and energy savings.

Find Your Energy-Efficient Hot Tub at Your Wellis USA Showroom

Are you ready to get started on an exceptional, energy-efficient spa ownership experience? It’s as easy as connecting with your local Wellis USA dealer. Your local dealer will have a wealth of information to help you choose the energy-efficient spa that’s right for you. And with the sensational benefits of Wellis construction, insulation, and controls, you can be assured that you are bringing home a hot tub experience that will be out of this world.

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