How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost in 2023?

How much does a hot tub cost? Before you make the investment, learn about the average cost of a hot tub, some of the modern features found in newer hot tub models, and which factors influence the price. You might be surprised at how much value you can find in a Wellis luxury hot tub.

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What Can Influence Your Hot Tub Cost in 2023?

Many factors impact the overall hot tub cost, such as the economic crisis, the rise in the price of raw materials, and the pricing policies of competitors. So if you're looking to buy a hot tub, you first need to understand what features you want, where you're planning on placing your hot tub, and how you want to use it. Certain models are better for entertaining large groups, while others are perfect for relaxation and therapeutic use.

Understanding what you want will help you get an accurate gauge of how much you'll need to spend.

Wellis’ premium models have features such as energy-saving pumps, water sanitizer, color therapy lighting, aromatherapy, and powerful jets. So, how much does a hot tub cost in 2023? Let's review in detail what influences hot tub prices.

Here are the three main factors, that you have to examine before you decide:

  • Materials
  • Size
  • Features


Mainly, you can choose from three materials for the hot tub shells. These are acrylic, plastic, and wood. The most common material is the acrylic shell hot tubs, but they are the most expensive ones as well. These models are mostly insulated, which makes them durable and energy-efficient. Wood hot tubs last a long time but require lots of maintenance not just yearly. Plastic tubs could be a good choice if you are on a budget, but they’re not well insulated, and their long-term operating costs could be much higher, than the wood and the acrylic ones.


If you want to have a large hot tub, you have to pay. An inflatable hot tub might cost $4,000, while a 6-person hot tub or 8-person hot tub can cost upwards of $25,000.


The type of water features could increase your costs, not just when you buy it, but if you use the hot tub often.

So to answer how much does a hot tub cost - it depends. Features, size, and materials are the most important factors, that affect your hot tub cost.

Average Hot Tub Cost in 2023

Buying a hot tub is an investment, but prices will vary. Most people pay between approximately $8,000 - $20,000 when buying a new hot tub. 

A smaller, two-person hot tub, or a plug-and-play hot tub like our Orion P&P hot tub, can cost as little as $7,999.

If you decide to have an in-ground hot tub, the unit can cost between $15,000 and $20,000, which does not include installation and maintenance.

It's also worth mentioning that there are additional hot tub cost necessities that add to the total purchase price. These are delivery fees, installation charges, electrical setup, accessories, and ongoing maintenance expenses. These factors can contribute to the overall hot tub cost.

Above-Ground vs. In-Ground Hot Tub Cost

If you decide to have a hot tub, you could choose between above-ground or in-ground versions. Mostly, above-ground hot tubs are more affordable than in-ground ones. Average hot tub installation fees range from $1,000 - $16,000 depending on your area, where you'd like to place your hot tub, and the design of the surrounding area. This fee depends on your local hot tub store.

In-ground hot tubs are more expensive than above-ground placement. In-ground hot tub costs vary significantly depending on factors like customization, size, materials, brand, and of course the complexity of the installation.

The choice between an above-ground and in-ground hot tub depends on your preferences, budget, available space, and the additional installation, building costs, and landscaping. Above-ground hot tubs are easy to install, and more affordable, while in-ground hot tubs are more luxurious and customized.

Above-Ground Hot Tub Installation Costs

If you decide on an above-ground hot tub, expect a lower installation cost. There are some options, such as an inflatable hot tub or a plug-and-play hot tub, which you can easily install yourself. Other things, like installing plumbing or electricity will also increase your costs and should be done by professionals.

In-Ground Hot Tub Installation Costs

As expected, inground or partially inground hot tub installation adds to a higher overall hot tub cost. In-ground hot tub installation often starts at $16,000 and increases depending on the size, placement, and surrounding area. This type of installation requires the help of experts, which makes it more expensive. However, the end result looks much more finished and luxurious than simply plugging in an above-ground hot tub.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Hot Tub Costs

Yet another factor influences how much it costs to run a hot tub: placement. You'll need to decide whether you'd like an indoor hot tub or an outdoor hot tub.

The price difference between indoor and outdoor hot tubs vary based on several factors:

  1. Installation and Construction:
    • Indoor hot tubs may involve more complex plumbing and electrical work to ensure proper ventilation, moisture control, and structural support. You also have to make enough space for the hot tub inside your house or wellness center. To comply with safety standards you will need to install anti-slip material on the floor.  
    • Outdoor hot tubs may also require site preparation ranging from excavation to electrical wiring. You will also need a pergola or a sunshade, to make it private. Installing an outdoor hot tub generally involves a simpler installation process, but you do still have to take time to plan for the perfect setup.
  2. Maintenance and Accessories:
    • Both indoor and outdoor hot tubs require maintenance, but if you choose the outdoor version, you have to think about weather conditions. Outdoor hot tub owners may have to invest on accessories like covers and windbreakers to ensure the longevity of the hot tub. 
    • Indoor hot tubs may require specific maintenance considerations like air quality and humidity controls, proper drainage systems, and appropriate chemicals which could increase the cost of maintenance fees.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Hot Tub?

Don't be surprised when your electricity bill increases after running your new hot tub. It could add about $30–$100 per month to your electrical bill, depending on the model, size, and frequency of use. If you want to keep monthly expenses at a minimum, choose Wellis. Our hot tubs are known for energy efficiency, smart control features, and advanced insulation design.

Another way to reduce energy costs while running your hot tub is to make sure the hot tub is installed properly. Even if you opt for a P&P hot tub, be sure to have an electrician test the electrical connection and GFCI setup.

Life Expectancy of Hot Tubs

The lifespan of a hot tub averages 5 to 20 years, which depends on the frequency of use, placement, maintenance, and of course the quality of the hot tub. If you keep your hot tub well-maintained, you will enjoy it for many years. Less maintained hot tubs will deteriorate faster, so it is worth paying attention to factors such as filter replacement, dosing of cleaning chemicals, or changing the water frequently.

Wellis Is Wellness

At Wellis, wellness is the heart of our brand. We pride ourselves on creating energy-efficient, luxury hot tubs that foster healing and inspire connection. Whether your reason for buying a hot tub is to build better relationships in a relaxing environment or to experience the total body transformation that comes with hydrotherapy, we are here to help you enhance your home – and your life.

Made from premium materials and equipped with cutting-edge technical innovations, Wellis represents the leading luxury hot tubs for sale in the USA. From aromatherapy and soothing light features, to massage hydrotherapy and an exceptional audio system, our hot tubs are truly a centerpiece for relaxation and conversation. 

We have taken into account countless factors that can affect the price of a hot tub. Wellis offers various hot tub lines, which differ in size, accessories, and features.

Let’s review a few of the hot tub lines at Wellis:

PeakLine Hot Tubs

Our PeakLine series includes our finest premium models, they represent luxury and performance. In addition to a full line of accessories, modern design, and novel style, their extra functions and unique solutions make them outstanding models bearing the Wellis brand. You could choose any of Wellis’ Peakline models, you are definitely not making a bad decision!

CityLine Hot Tubs

Our CityLine series is the perfect choice for customers looking for the proper balance between value for money and premium quality. Our compact models with their unique equipment ensure an unforgettable wellness experience for anyone. You could use them with your friends, your family, or just enjoy the relaxation with your partner. 

MyLine Hot Tubs

Our MyLine series was designed for the family. These hot tubs represent the Wellis brand entry category: excellent prices, a user-friendly experience, and a stylish and well-composed look. With more than five different models, we strive to meet all customers’ needs.

Now that you've got to know the Wellis brand and their premium models a little bit, let's see which one includes which equipment and how much it costs to get one. 

Entry-Level Hot Tub Cost in 2023

If you are looking for an entry-level hot tub, Wellis offers four beautiful selections to choose from if your budget is between $7,999 – $10,999. From the plug-and-play Leo and Orion that simply plug into any dedicated outlet to the massive Hercules, there is an array of products and features to customize your spa experience.

In our MyLine family, Wellis has two luxury hot tub models that, while they have a higher price, they also have more features and seats. Libra is a 7-person hot tub while Taurus is a 5-person hot tub with a reclining lounger, so it can be considered a 6-person hot tub for $12,999.

All of our models provide a perfect wellness experience, so just lean back in the comfort of the incredible hydrotherapy. You’ll appreciate the price point and adore the results that can only come from the world’s leading hot tub manufacturer.

Mid-Range Hot Tub Cost in 2023

The CityLine hot tubs feature two stunning choices: the London and Paris models from Wellis USA. With additional features such as aromatherapy, money-saving energy-efficient pump and water sanitation options, in-spa audio, and smart controls, you’ll notice the difference in upgraded hydrotherapy right away. At a great price point of $13,999 you will have a backyard retreat that won’t break the bank.

The lounge and ergonomic seating options allow you to have a different spa experience each time. Gather all your family together to converse and connect. Each day will be your favorite day with a spa from Wellis USA.

Luxury Hot Tub Cost in 2023

When only the best will do, a luxury hot tub from the Wellis PeakLine series will take you to heaven. With luxury spas between $15,999 – $22,999, you’ll have every asset and amenity you can dream of - well worth the hot tub cost. 

Upgraded features, jets, and impactful water pressure are only the beginning of a list of things to love about these spas. Check out the Olympus with seating for nine people! With interior and exterior LED lighting, aromatherapy, wireless smart controls, and a myMusic™ sound system, you love every second you spend in your blissful retreat.

Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc could also be good choices, if you want to have a premium hot tub with at least 5 seats in your home. 3 pieces of 3 horsepower massage pump, aromatherapy lightning, and at least 64 powerful jets will make your relaxation perfect.

Morning coffee, afternoon soaks, and stargazing at night with the one you love are all some of the best ways to enjoy advanced hydrotherapy. And with enhanced technology, you can’t beat the quality of the leading line of European spas found worldwide.

Where Can I Find a Wellis Hot Tub?

If you want the very best in luxury hot tub ownership, look no further than your local Wellis USA dealer, we can help you find the perfect hot tub. From plug-and-play spas to the epitome of luxury hydrotherapy, you are sure to find a sensational hot tub at a price point that suits you well. And when you bring the thrill of advanced hydrotherapy and easy ownership maintenance home to stay, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

You should have a better idea as to what price points to expect when shopping for a new hot tub. If you're still wondering how much does a hot tub cost, contact your local Wellis hot tub store. You can find your local Wellis USA dealer today by entering your zip code into our easy partner finder.

You can even ask your hot tub dealer if they offer a free test soak. We want you to enhance your life with a Wellis, so we'll do everything we can to help you find which model will fit your lifestyle perfectly. Join the growing ranks of people who live life to the fullest in a Wellis wellness hot tub.

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