How Much Room Do I Need to Install a Swim Spa?

Shopping for a swim spa means making an addition to your home that you and your family will value for years to come. If you are asking, "How much room do I need to install a swim spa?" we are here to help!

Two of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a swim spa is determining where you are going to set your spa and what you want to use it for. Do you have a patio or concrete area already in mind? Do you want a space to swim, play or relax? All of these may determine what size of spa you want and how much room you need.

Thankfully, Wellis USA is here with three incredible sizes of SwimLine swim spas for your beautiful backyard.

Measure So You Know Exactly How Much Space You Have to Install a Swim Spa

There are a couple of things to consider when you install a swim spa. The first is your installation site. If you are installing your swim spa on a concrete patio or pad, make sure there is clearance around the spa for maintenance panel access. Take the measurement of your swim spa of choice and add an additional three feet of clearance around the perimeter if you are installing on a level surface above ground.

Or ask your Wellis® dealer about semi-inground installation. One of the best things about installing a Wellis swim spa is that they are designed with an easy access panel while still having a semi-inground installation option. If you are installing in this manner, ask your Wellis dealer about the clearance needed.

Determine the Main Purpose for the Swim Spa to Help Choose Your Size

What would you like to use your swim spa for? It's important to determine what the main use of the swim spa will be because that will have an impact on its size. Do you want a dedicated space for swimming? All Wellis swim spas offer powerful currents for the best swim experiences. Check out the stylish Danube W-Flow. With dimensions of 14’ 9” × 7’ 8” × 4’ 9”, this is a gorgeous luxury European Wellis swim spa with a smaller footprint. You'll also have two jetted seats for recovery after an impactful swim. Add in a swim tether for a wonderful experience.

Is swimming plus fitness on your agenda? The Wellis Amazon W-Flow is the perfect space for both! With an optional rowing kit, aqua bike, or aquatic weights, you'll have just the space you need to work out. Use the powerful current for an exceptional swim. Or use the resistance of the water and the current to boost your gains. Then retreat to your recovery area for a soothing massage you'll love. With a footprint of 18’ × 7’ 6” × 4’ 9”, you'll have a stunning space for swim spa fun!

Last, but definitely not least, is finding a swim spa that pairs fitness and relaxation in one perfect package. The Rio Grande W-Flow is your retreat for fitness, fun, and renewal. If you want to install a swim spa and a hot tub, this is the ideal choice for an all-in-one package. Boasting a space of 19’ 8” × 7’ 8” × 4’ 9", you'll have an unbeatable luxury backyard attraction. Choose the fitness side for impactful workouts and swim sessions. Use the dedicated hot tub for an unmatched relaxation station with separate spa controls. 40 hydromassage jets help whisk away pain and stress, leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed.

Install a Swim Spa This Season! Browse the Selection of Swim Spas Available from Wellis USA Today

Do one of these swim spa options look like they would fit your space at home? It's time to see for yourself just how wonderful a Wellis swim spa can be. Find your nearest Wellis dealer to get started on year after year of the best in swim spa ownership -- which can only be found when you install a swim spa from Wellis USA.

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