Model Comparison: Wellis Spas

Shopping for a new spa is a major purchase, so you want to be sure you do as much research as you can before choosing the perfect hot tub for home. There is a wide selection of spas from Wellis® to choose from, which is great news when you want to see the difference between models. Since each of the spas available from Wellis have different features differentiating them from one another, getting an in-depth breakdown of what each one brings to the table could be helpful. Review the model comparison below to help take a peek into the insights to help you purchase the perfect Wellis spa for your needs.


Hercules: The Hercules spa comes with five seats and one additional recliner. It has the capacity to maintain up to 330 gallons of water. It comes with 45 jets in all, including two laminar fountain jets.

Leo P&P: The Leo P&P holds less water at 255 gallons. It also doesn’t boast as much seating as the Hercules, offering four seats and one additional recliner. The Leo P&P comes with 36 jets, too.

Libra: The Libra differentiates itself with its ability to hold 420 gallons of water. There are also seven seats that come with it, along with 60 massage jets. Another way it differs from the other spas is with its lovely waterfall.

Orion P&P: The Orion P&P was designed for date night, as it comes equipped with two recliners and one other seat. It’s capable of holding up to 200 gallons of water and comes complete with 30 jets in total.

Taurus: The Taurus has five seats, along with an additional recliner. It also comes equipped with 52 jets, including two laminar fountain jets.


London: The London features one seat for reclining and five additional seats. It also comes with a waterfall, along with three laminar fountain jets. 

Paris: The other model featured in the CityLine series is the Paris, and, unlike the London, it comes with seven seats. This model comes equipped with two laminar fountain jets. Both models come with 16 exclusive LED lights, aromatherapy, and the MyMusic 2.1™ sound system. 


Mont Blanc: The Mont Blanc was made for a luxury relaxation experience meant to be shared, as it comes equipped with 78 jets and seven seats. It also comes complete with a stunning waterfall.

Monte Rosa: The Monte Rosa is able to hold 396 gallons of water and has 64 jets. It also contains two laminar fountain jets.

Olympus: The Olympus is capable of maintaining up to 735 gallons of water. It also comes with two recliners, along with seven additional seats. It comes with a total of 88 jets plus a waterfall.


Amazon W-Flow: The Amazon W-Flow comes with two three-piece laminar fountain jets, along with the ability to hold up to 2,113 gallons of water. It’s equipped with a total of 26 jets, making it perfect for exercise and relaxation.

Danube W-Flow: The Danube W-Flow has the ability to hold up to 1,562 gallons of water. There are just two seats inside of it, which makes it great for structured workouts. 

Rio Grande W-Flow: The Rio Grande W-Flow can hold up to 1,748 gallons of water. It also comes with 41 jets, along with five seats and a recliner in a separate hot tub area, making it great for people hoping to capture the best of both worlds that swim spas and hot tubs have to offer.

Which of these incredible spas do you have your eye on? Do you want to see our models in person? If so, it's time to locate your nearest Wellis USA dealer! You can ask questions about the different models, check them out in person, and maybe even take a test soak, if your local dealer has that option.

Contact your dealer today to see for yourself just how transformational a new spa from Wellis can be!

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