What is a Swimming Spa and How do People Use Them?

As the warmth of summer lingers, you wonder just how lovely it would be to have your own aquatic space at home. It’s been a toss-up for a while between a swimming pool and a hot tub. But what is a swimming spa and how do people use them? Wow, are you in for a treat!

When you want the best of incredible swimming, fitness, a space to relax, and a place to gather, you’ll find it all in an incredible swimming spa from Wellis USA.

What is a swimming spa?

A swimming spa (otherwise known as a swim spa) is an all-in-one location for all of your aquatic needs. And nowhere in the world is there a better swim spa than a Wellis® swim spa. A combination of the very best parts of swimming pool and hot tub amenities, a SwimLine swim spa is your one-stop location for everything you need for year-round recreation.

Featuring an endless current, owners can experience the thrill of open water swimming. And with recovery coves with ergonomic seating, you’ll also get the hydrotherapy experience that you long for. Are you ready to see just how swim spa ownership can meet all your needs? Discover the many uses of an incredible Wellis swim spa.

How do people use them?

There are an array of ways that people can use a swim spa, but some of the most popular ones include:

For fitness. Tired of running to the gym to work out? That all ends with a beautiful Wellis swim spa. An all-in-one aquatic gym, you can swim or row, bike, or run on an underwater treadmill with the appropriate optional equipment. A swim tether can assist you as you swim against the current. And aquatic weights and paddles and add the low-impact, high-resistance results you are looking for. Take a peek at the Danube W-Flow and all its space and amenities.

For fun. What could be more fun than a backyard pool? A swim spa! That’s right, a swim spa is your center for at-home fun. Whether the kids need a space to splash and play or you want to host some epic backyard parties, your swim spa can be the location that everyone comes to for the best in backyard fun. And you’ll have space to spare in the Amazon W-Flow from Wellis.

For relaxation. When you just need a moment to catch your breath, retreat to your swim spa for incredible restoration. Jetted hydromassage seats offer relief that is unmatched. Or, float the day away on a pool float. The sky’s the limit on ways you can find peace and quiet in your swim spa.

For relationships. Whether you want a screen-free space to converse as a family, or you love inviting guests over, swim spas are designed for relationships. Check out the incredible Rio Grande W-Flow. With a separate hot tub and swim zone, your dual temperature controls can help you make the most of each day.

Gather in the hot tub area for evening chats. Or retreat to your swim area to teach the kids to swim, play family games, and so much more. You’ll love every second of joy that swim spa ownership brings.

Where can I get a swimming spa for my home?

It's time to see for yourself "what is a swimming spa and how do people use them?" Thankfully, it couldn’t be easier to bring home the leading luxury European swim spa in the world. With a network of dealers across America, Wellis USA wants to make your search for the perfect swim spa as easy as can be. Find your local independent Wellis dealer today and stop in to see for yourself just how wonderful of an addition a swim spa can be for your home!

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