The pandemic awakened us to how easily our lives can change in a moment. Many workplaces halted business and had to close their offices worldwide. More and more large companies had to search for solutions and change their mindsets. Wellis reorganized our logistics, production and sales departments – the result is a company that could continue to grow during these difficult times. If you want to join us as a partner, Wellis is a stable reliable company and have become one of the largest hot tub manufacturers globally.

What makes us the Number 1 hot tub producer in Europe


We have 2 factory units in Hungary with a total 430,000 square foot production facility!


We have a more than 215,200 square foot warehouse where we continuously build our stock of hot tubs.


We produce more than 45,000 hot tubs a year with our 1,600 employees.


We make our products with unique, world-renowned, premium-quality designs, which is the personal vision of the Wellis team.


We represent our company at most of the biggest trade fairs.


We give special support to our exclusive partners. We help them with international marketing assistance for our products and provide exclusive territories to all key partners.


Finally, we support our partners with marketing materials. With local account managers in the key markets, we help them set up their own businesses.


Wellis has distribution centers in the US that stock our hot tubs as well as all our parts for quick shipment. We also give our partners the option to order directly from our factory for additional discounts.

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    We would like to make the Wellis company name a worldwide benchmark, and our goal is to gain a market-leading position in the short term. We believe all our partners deserve quality and exclusivity, if you agree with this, choose Wellis!
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    Wellis produces its own products in Hungary. We pay attention to the details, and are thoughtful about who we partner with. Our commitment to our dealers and customers is that we only deliver products that meet the highest professional standards.

    Wellness is our passion, we do it in an innovative, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly way! Your customers will enjoy premium relaxation and rejuvenation in our spas! Huge expansion – new factory!

    To serve our customers’ needs in 2020, we established a new factory unit in Ózd, Hungary, in addition to our first one in Dabas.

    This doubled the number of our employees, so more than 1,800 people are currently working to make Wellis a market-leader in the hot tub market.

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    Exclusive design, unforgettable massage experience, unbeatable relaxation at home. These words describe the Wellis hot tub experience. Our spas are available with countless features and options. Your customers will find the hot tut or swim spa they want with our extensive line and complete array of features and accessories. Make it a perfect spa experience for all your customers by partnering with Wellis.

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